U200 Fast Switch
The U200 is designed for small and medium industrial network applications or enabling expansion of existing networks. Installation is fast and simple; with a broad range of connectivity options from 8 copper 10/100M to 8 fiber 100M ports.
The standard U-200 comes with 2 fiber ports and 6 copper ports that allow units to be ‘daisy-chained’ to provide a high speed solution where fiber redundancy is not critical.
The switch also incorporates two priority queues that are designed to ensure that the network data is deterministic. This is achieved by implementation of Layer 2 and Layer 3 priority tagging. In addition, head of line blocking prevention ensures that the switch does not become congested by low priority data. This allows engineers to design a reliable, deterministic network while prioritising data into low and high priority queues.


  • True network determinism
  • Layer2 / supports Layer 3 priority tagging
  • Head of line blocking prevention
  • Wide temperature range (–40°C to +65°C)
  • Wide DC power range (19 – 60 VDC)
  • No moving parts or electrolytic Capacitors
  • Low power consumption (Typically 8W)
  • MDX/MDIX technology to easy switch connection
  • Push button / auto-negotiation configuration
  • 35 mm DIN rail mounting
  • Long cable specification 150 m TX
  • Volt free fault contact