Fieldbus / PROFIBUS DP Devices
The Westermo Fieldbus devices are industrial PROFIBUS DP modules. There are different types of slave modules and one Master module. PROFIBUS adapters that is able to transfer PROFIBUS DP I/O data via serial communication. I.e leased lines, dial up modems, Ethernet adapters, GSM modems or radio modems without any use of special drivers or special PLC bords. The FD-20, PROFIBUS DP Master module act the same way as the adapters on the serial side and act as a stand alone master on the PROFIBUS side. A combination with our Ethernet adapter gives the opportunity to connect PROFIBUS to Ethernet PROFIBUS DP converter to make a transparent connection for a different serial interfaces to a PROFIBUS DP network.
FD-10 Profibus Coupler / Adaptor
  • Allows Profibus DP network to be connected via serial data links
  • Serial data links in: Point to point, Addressed and Networks mode
  • Fully compatible with Profibus DP standard I/O data
FD-40 Profibus Converter
  • Allows Profibus DP network data to be connected to devices with RS-232 or RS-485
  • 15 kbyte transmit buffer
  • Typical uses: Measuring device, electronic scales, Operator terminals, printers
  • Integrated Profibus DP slave
TD-29P Profibus Multidrop Modem
  • Allows PROFIBUS communication to remote applications
  • Half duplex communication on 9 600 bit/s and 19 200 bit/s
  • Dip switch configuration