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Westermo Americas is your supplier of high quality data communications equipment designed for harsh industrial applications.

Westermo has been developing and producing data communications solutions for nearly three decades.  Today, they have a unique position in the industrial marketplace with a product range that is the widest available.   Beginning with simple twisted pair line drivers, the product line encompasses industrial ethernet converters, switches and routers, remote access telephone modems, cellular/GSM wireless data transmission modems, industrial fiber optic converters and manufacturer specific protocol converters.  Westermo wants to be your preferred supplier of industrial data communication equipment.

Gross Automation is a distributor for Westermo in the North American marketplace. Located 90 miles north of Chicago in New Berlin, Wisconsin, they specialize in industrial automation components from both European and North American suppliers in order to help manufacturing facilities become more efficient and cost effective.



Westermo products are proudly distributed and sold in North America by:

Gross Automation

Gross Automation
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