T200 Real Switch
The T200 further enhances industrial Ethernet networks by incorporating NTP/SNTP (Network Time Protocol / Simple Network Time Protocol). This allows SNTP packets to be time stamped to an accuracy of 1uS or better. This is achieved using a GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver attached to the switch.
Precision time stamping is critical in applications where very high accuracy is required to provide a reliable SOE (Sequence Of Events). This allows events to be traced back to an originating source.


  • 30 mS reconfiguration of redundant ring
  • Up to 200 switches supported in ring
  • Layer2 / True network determinism
  • Supports Layer 3 priority tagging
  • Head of line blocking prevention
  • Wide temperature range (-40°C - +65°C)
  • Wide DC power range (19 – 60 VDC)
  • No moving parts or electrolytic capacitors
  • Low power consumption (Typically 8W)
  • MDX/MDIX technology to easy switch connection
  • User configurable fault contact
  • Windows based configuration tool
  • SNMP management facility
  • Push button / auto-negotiation configuration
  • 35 mm DIN rail mounting
  • 19’ rack mounting and wall mounting options