MR-250, 3G/HSDPA Router
HSDPA is the latest and fastest standard for wireless communication that is available today. The MR-250 utilise download speeds of up to 1,8 Mbit/s using HSDPA. Where HSDPA is not yet available MR-250 will automatically fall back to 3G (UMTS), EDGE or GPRS to always have the fastest available communication ready. The inbuilt RS-232 port can be used to connect legacy serial based equipment such as PLCs, RTUs or IEDs. Alternatively the internal serial port can be used as a backup connection to the remote site when used in conjunction with a suitable Westermo Modem. The MR-250 router has an integrated stateful inspection firewall and can support 5 IPSEC VPN (Virtual Private Network) terminations which can be secured using optional 3DES, AES, SSL, SSH encryption, and MD5, SHA1 key exchange protocols. These features ensure that the remote sites can use the latest security technology to resist denial of service attacks and hacking. The VPN’s can be used as a way of increasing security and to create secure tunnels, running between sites. The VPNs can be used to interconnect the sites effectively replacing the requirement for dedicated leased lines.

  • HSDPA /3G UMTS / EDGE / GPRS Router
  • Ethernet port switch
  • Dual SIM card operation
  • Integrated RS-232 terminal server port
  • SNMP management protocol
  • Firewall
  • IPsec VPN support (5 tunnels)
  • VRRP, OSPF, BGP, RIP2 redundant protocols
  • DIN Rail, wall or shelf mounted
  • –20˚C to +55˚C
  • 24 VDC supply
  • DES • 3DES • AES • SSL • SSH (optional)