MA-19 Rack Mount Short Haul Modem
Westermo’s short haul modem MA-19 is used for data communication over long distances and in harsh environments. The MA-19 is used to connect equipment with RS-232/V.24 interfaces. Westermo's ±10 mA balanced current loop (W1) transmission technique makes it possible to transmit data up to 18 km at low data rates. At shorter ranges transmission rates up to 38.4 kbit/s can be achieved. All Westermo’s modems using the ±10 mA current loop (W1) technique are compatible with each other. The MA-19 should be fitted into the Westermo RV-01 rack system.

  • Use this unit when the transmission distance is greater than 15 metres
  • RS-232/V.24 interface
  • Protects connected units from lightning/transients
  • Units provide totally transparent data communications
  • Very low delay time through units
  • Units can transmit a single status signal
  • Used to connect equipment on different earth potentials
  • Guarantees reliable long-distance communication

MA-19 Diagram