The LR-11 router offers an easy way to extend the distance between LONWORKS® 78 kbit/s TP/FT network segments using a high-speed 1.25 Mbit/s backbone fiber optic network link. LR-11 is based on Echelon’s RTR-10 standard router core module, this allowing standard configuration and installation with tools as LonBuilder® and LonMaker™. The LR-11 is equipped with either one (PP-version) or two pairs of fiber optic receivers and transmitters. This allows the user to build either point to point-, bus- or ring topology fiber links. In a fiber ring, one of the LR-11 units will be assigned as a ring master and then having the responsibility to stop messages from looping around the ring. The LR-11 has a built-in redundancy scheme that provides for fault tolerances in the fiber ring.

  • LONWORKS®, 78 kbit/s TP/FT-10
  • Fiber optic 1.25 Mbit/s
  • Router function (based on Echelon’s RTR-10 router module)
  • Distance up to 25 km on fiber
  • Point to point (LR-11 PP)
  • Multidrop or redundant ring
  • Optical signal regenerated
  • Multi- / Single mode fiber
  • Alarm output indicating failure