GD-01 US is a Cellular/GSM modem designed for industrial applications and can be used on GSM networks in 850 or 1900 MHz band. Equipment with an RS-232 interface can be connected and data rates of up to 14.4 kbit/s in CSD and 85.6 kbit/s in GPRS are possible.Wireless communication means immense flexibility and the possibility to control, monitor and inspect equipment, when communications were not possible before for one reason or another. One condition is, however, that it occurs within the coverage area of a GSM network operator. SMS-messages of up to 160 characters can also be sent. A message can be sent to a pre-programmed number by activating the modem using an external signal (DTR).This makes the modem ideal, for example, to transmit a common alarm from an unmanned station. GD-01 US can communicate with other GSM modems, GSM wireless phones, traditional analog modems (TD-xx) as well as ISDN-adapters (ID-xx).The modem is configured using AT-commands.

  • GSM 850/1900 MHz
  • UL approved
  • Extended temperature range –13°F to –122°F (–25°C to +50°C)
  • GPRS, class B, class 10
  • Built in TCP/IP
  • DTR-dialling
  • SMS-message up to 160 characters
  • Up to 11 data bits
  • Speed CSD up to 14.4 kbit/s, GPRS up to 85.6 kbit/s
  • Galvanic isolation on power supply