FAQs About Ethernet

What is the difference between ‘LocalIP’ and ‘RemoteIP’ in ED-10 UDP/TCP?
The ‘LocalIP’ is equal to the IP address of the ED-10 unit and ‘RemoteIP’ is used slightly different in the UDP and TCP versions. UDP: ‘RemoteIP’ is the address of the unit that the ED-10 UDP will reply to and if ‘RemoteIP’ is set to, then the unit will reply with broadcast messages. TCP: ‘RemoteIP’ is the address of the unit that will be allowed to establish a session with the ED-10 TCP. If ‘RemoteIP’ is set to, then the unit will allow any unit to establish a session.
What is the port number parameter used for?
Port numbers is used to separate the type of data since the same IP address is used for communication. E.g. Mail client application – port 25(smtp) – Mail server application Browser application – port 80(www) – Web server
What is the parameter ‘Gateway IP’ used for?
If all your units are in the same LAN the ‘Gateway IP’ can be set to But if the ED-10 TCP shall communicate to a PC in another LAN, then shall the ‘Gateway IP’ in the ED-10 TCP shall be set to the address of the Router that is the links to the network where the PC is connected.
Why can’t I see the virtual COM ports redirected by Serial/IP in the Device hander in Windows XP or 2000?
It is described in the manual for Serial/IP at the end of page 46.
I have redirected a COM port to an ED-10 but nothing happens, Why?
The fields in the ‘Login to Server Using….’ Is not empty. This can be found in the Configuration of Serial/IP.
What type of cable do I need to connect the ED-20 to an TD-35 modem?

This question has three answers.

1. To use all functions in the ED-20 a special cable is required and that specific cable is included in the product combination (3902-0240). This combination contains 1pc ED-20 (3609-3001), 1pc TD-35 LV (3613-0001), 1pc Cable (1211-2168).

2. A serial crossover cable with 2-3, 3-2, 5-5, 7-8 and 8-7 can be used but not in combination with the setting DCD Control=ON.

3. A simple serial crossover cable with only 2-3, 3-2 and 5-5 can be used but not in combination with the setting DCD Control=ON nor the Serial Interface Flow Control = RTS/CTS. The cable can also be ordered separately, Art.no. 1211-2168 or a drawing can be downloaded.

1211-2168-TI-1 ENG.pdf (89400 bytes)